“Please Excuse Our Remodeling” – In The Knerd

Recently, I’ve been doing some thinking as to how I do things online.  Originally, I started off with all my podcasts and content being hosted up on my 1.21 Studios site, http://1.21studios.com.  It worked for simplicity and making sure that everything was in one simple place.  However, I felt that the name and URL was hard to brand and promote.  Is it http://1.21studios.com, or http://1point21studios.com? (Technically its both)  So, as my most regular content was OCD – Obsessive Comics Disorder; I took those podcasts and threw them up on a newer site over at http://ocdcast.com — which is a lot easier to say to people.  While this blog and my other shows remained on the 1.21 Studios site, OCD moved over to its new site, with the idea that it would become more than a podcast website, but a destination for comics reviews, news, and other opinions.

Well, the time has come to mix things up again.  I hate the fact that I am splitting my potential internet traffic between my two sites.  Therefore, this will be the last blog/podcast posted here on this website.  After this, you’ll be able to find every “In The Knerd” blog post and every episode of my other two ongoing podcasts “My Video Game Buddy” and “The Nerd is the Word” over on the Obessive Comics Disorder site http://ocdcast.com.  All of the content may not particularly be comics related; but every person that I’ve found that is into Comic Books is also interested in other nerdy/geeky topics, which is what my other content is about.  This way, ocdcast.com will be your one stop shop for all the great stuff that I do, in addition to stuff from Cathi and DrQuest.

Please give me your feedback on what you think of this change, post below and offer any comments/suggestions.

My Video Game Buddy #3: “Castle Crashers”

We teased about it last week, but this week we’ve got Chloe talking about Castle Crashers, a very popular game on the Xbox Live Arcade.

Website: http://myvgbuddy.com
Email us comments/suggestions at myvgbuddy@gmail.com

“One And a Half Podcasters” – In The Knerd

If you’ve been visiting this site or following me on Twitter/Facebook in the past few weeks, you’ll know that I’ve started a new podcast called “My Video Game Buddy” with my 7 year old future stepdaughter Chloe.  In case you haven’t listened to the 2 episodes out, we sit around and talk for about 10-15 minutes about a specific video game that we play together.  The other day I was thinking about how many episodes we could do before we had to start buying new games and I realized we’ll have content for a good couple of months :)

Another thing I’ve realized is that podcasting with a child requires a lot more effort.  On Obsessive Comics Disorder or The Nerd is the Word, I hardly do any editing if any at all.  Most of the time I take what I record, mix it down and upload it to the internet.  Then I might listen to the episode after the fact when it has been downloaded on to my iPod.  However, with Chloe involved, I’m more heistant to do that due to a couple of factors, mainly that sometimes she can be a little shy in the beginning or can get confused about what I’m doing.  So I make sure to listen to each episode and cut out any big mess-ups or anything, which she doesn’t mind as I told her I can do that.  It makes her more comfortable putting herself out there knowing I can cut out pieces.

The biggest obstacle I’ve had to overcome though, is the simple fact that it is impossible to keep a 7 year old still.  She likes to move around and as such, she comes in at different volumes as she is never the same distance from the mic for very long.  I don’t fault her, because do you know any child that likes to stay still?  The first episode was the worst, as she insisted on standing up during the episode and she would stand in one spot but move all around the microphone.  She started to do it again for the second episode, but I quickly realized she needed to be sitting down to help keep her near the mic.  You can tell that its better in the second episode, and its even better in the third.

Wait, what?  Third episode?  That’s the last lesson I’ve learned when recording with Chloe–recording episodes in advance.  You may have noticed there was a two week gap in between the first and second episode.  Chloe was asking me after the first episode if we could record another one, but I was trying to keep to a weekly schedule like I do with OCD.  However, that next week she ended up being very busy with schoolwork and other things that we never got time to record.  So I’ve realized that I need to be willing to record when she is free and willing–even if we just put out an episode.  For example, last Friday when we recorded episode 2, we had enough time afterwards that she wanted to know if we could record another one, so we did.  Now if we don’t have a chance to record this week, I have an episode in the can waiting.

Chloe and I are still very young in podcasting together, so I’m sure I’ll have much more lessons learned as time goes on.  In the meantime, if you have young children and are thinking of podcasting with them, here are a few things to think about.  I think you’ll find it a wonderful experience, as your kids will love participating in one of your hobbies.


My Video Game Buddy #2: “Angry Birds”

This week, Chloe and I talk about Angry Birds–one of our favorite games on the iPad/iPod Touch.  We’ve also got a website set up now at http://myvgbuddy.com and an email where you can give us suggestions for new games or talk about games that we’ve discussed at myvgbuddy@gmail.com.  Thanks to Deci (DeciTM on twitter) for the new album art!